Amwell telehealth visits increase to $49 starting January 2018

Amwell telehealth visits increase to $49 starting January 2018

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) announced telehealth services provided by American Well® (Amwell) will increase to $49 (from $39) per visit beginning January 1, 2018.

Amwell’s service allows members to schedule appointments and “see” a virtual doctor from their phone, tablet or computer through the Amwell Mobile App or on Members can be seen for most common medical issues and can have some prescriptions filled via Amwell. However, there are many medications that cannot be prescribed online, including controlled substances.

The national average for a physician’s office fee is $92, and the average ER visit charge is $742, meaning customers will save time and money when using the telehealth service.

What does this mean for Amwell members?

■ If an urgent care copay applies — no change.

■ If deductible and coinsurance applies — no change (however, the member may see increased cost-sharing due to the increase in the allowed rate).

■ For employers who have applied unique cost-sharing for Amwell services (e.g., $10 copay), these co-pays will remain the same. Amwell is an independent provider contracted to participate in Blue KC’s commercial provider networks. Services are available in all 50 states.

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