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When time is money

Our single-source platform gives you access to quote all major medical and senior product carriers in your area. Built by industry professionals with more than 50 years of direct carrier experience, EnrollSource was designed with the broker in mind.

We know that often times the winning broker is the one who provides plan options and rates the fastest. Within seconds of entering client demographic data, you can download a carrier comparison that illustrates carrier options, plan features and costs. Need to adjust census data quickly? No problem. Click the edit button, enter the changes and your revised quotes appears instantly.

Print, email or text quotes

Quotes can be emailed, printed and sent via text directly from our system. So whether you’re working with Millennials or Baby Boomers you have a deliver method suited to your client’s preference.

EnrollSource supports both group and individual markets, on and off the Marketplace Exchange in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Georgia, Oklahoma and Ohio. We also represent more than six senior product carriers, allowing you to address every type of client need.

Individual Group Medicare Short-Term Medical Ancillary
Aetna Aetna AARP BlueKC BlueKC
Anthem Anthem Aetna HII Cigna
Assurant Assurant Anthem IHC Humana
BlueKC BlueKC BlueKC UnitedHealthcare Time
Coventry Cigna Coventry   VSP
Cox Medical Coventry Humana    
Humana Cox Medical Transamerica    
Med Mutual Med Mutual      
UnitedHealthcare UnitedHealthcare      

System features

Our comprehensive platform provides more than rates and plan options. With our volume of business, we’ve learned to anticipate the questions your clients might have when evaluating coverage options. So we’ve created a warehouse for information such as:

  • Hospital networks by carrier
  • Subsidy calculator
  • Lowest-cost retail drug search tool ! Individual ACA penalties
  • Carrier contact numbers

We listen to our Broker Source partners who offer suggestions that can make the system even more valuable. After the close of the annual open enrollment period, we make and test enhancements throughout the summer to be ready for the upcoming enrollment season.

Talk to one of our licensed and experienced broker consultants and schedule a system demonstration or request a quote be emailed to you to witness the end-user experience for yourself.

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