Close more groups with less hassle

From a single source, you can provide your group clients in the 2-99 market with carrier, plan and rate options in just a fraction of the time it traditionally takes.

Census data can be uploaded in the system via an Excel spreadsheet or manually entered. In no time, you’ll have access to fully funded, self-funded and PEO options as well as ancillary product choices that don’t have enrollment requirements.

Administrative help with enrollment changes

Our quoting and enrollment tool lets you manage enrollment changes online. Our broker support team is alerted when new enrollments and terminations are entered in the system. We take responsibility to notify the appropriate carriers of changes that affect plan effective dates and billing.

Large group support when you need it

Underwritten rates for 100-plus, non-ACA groups are available though our onsite broker consultants. Their extensive product knowledge will ensure you’re presenting a large-group client with needed options and creative solutions to address rising health care costs, employee needs and ACA requirements.

You’ll receive step-by-step assistance with the application, enrollment and installation process. Whether it’s a billing issue or claim dispute, we’ll be here year-round to ensure your client’s satisfaction.

Large-group clients demand more, and with Broker Source you’ll be able to bring your A game. Your broker consultant can assist with the following:

  • Market comparisons
  • Claims analysis
  • Plan design review
  • Funding strategies
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Management review presentations

To appreciate the full value of Broker Source group services, we invite you to schedule a system demonstration with one of our broker consultants by calling 913.333.3381

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