Online Enrollment

online enrollment

Enhance the enrollment experience

From a single portal your group clients can complete the enrollment process for all employees and all coverages. No longer do human resources administrators have to collect and store paper enrollment forms and try to decipher illegible handwriting.

Our easy-to-use enrollment technology steps employees through the available benefit options, summarizing costs and benefit features. There is even a decision-support tool that identifies which plan option best fits an employee’s needs based on their usage and preference input.

More than an enrollment tool

If you can save time for busy human resources professionals, you’ve increased your value. The administrative portal of our enrollment technology can perform functions available from much costlier Human Resource Information Systems. You can monitor certification and licensing requirements, track historical employee data changes and access more than 50 standard reports.

If you have a client who could benefit from our state-of-the-art enrollment platform, let us arrange a demonstration. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished.

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